Hotels, pensions, B&B and restaurants

Many people dream of living and working in Sauerland, but only a few true entrepreneurs actually succeed in building a new life here. There are some main critical success factors, namely:

1. A solid but creative business concept;
2. The right property that fits your concept and offers you sufficient potential to express and execute your ideas;
3. The popularity of the region;
4. The location of the property;  
5. Knowledge of and experience with the hotel and catering industry;
6. The right financing;
7. And the discipline and the drive to succeed.

APARTimmo Sauerland works in this field very different from other estate agents. Apart from advices about a property, we’ll supply you with a total business consultancy. We’ll help you to formulate your business plan and financing-application, as well as with your insurances and if you want us to, we’ll also develop and execute complete [internet] marketing and advertising campaigns. More people can sell you a property. To advice you and your business and offer you practical support you’ll find only one in the whole of Sauerland..!