Land parcels

To build a house in your country will probably not be so easy to do, due to laws, regulations, costs, etc. However here in the Sauerland it is still attainable. If we limit ourselves to the popular Winterberg-area, you will find land parcels between € 70.- and € 300.- per m2. Even more attractive are the surrounding villages, that offer you plots between € 30.- and € 80.- per m2. With a piece of land of ca. 1.000 m2 you could be fully set between € 150,000.- and € 250,000.-.

Not bothered by beauty commissions or public participation procedures you build your dreamhouse: free-standing with a garage, surrounded by a nice garden and with mountains and forests always nearby. Good land parcels are pretty difficult to get. APARTimmo Sauerland will be happy to inform you about all options. And can also help you with f.e. building license, construction planning and with monitoring the building process..!